Unique events such as Torfaen Pride without your support.

Pride may only occur once a year, but the communities that it serves exist every day. As pride ends, those attending should be able to return to their daily lives with a new sense of community and belonging and continue to feel as safe as they did when they attended pride. 

We hope that by establishing a pride event in Torfaen, that we can start to develop a sense of community that continues beyond the pride event and build a resilient LGBT+ community in Torfaen.

Our Pride sponsorship packages provide businesses and organisations the opportunity to support the local LGBT+ community in delivering this event as well as:

  • Increase brand exposure via social media platforms.
  • Give organisations the chance to support a unique local event.
  • Generate positive PR for your organisation.
  • Create the possibility to influence how people perceive your organisation.
  • Provide the opportunity to engage and interact with customers and clients.
  • Support the growth of Torfaen and enable it to become a more accepting place to live.
  • Help to meet your social value goals.

In the interests of transparency, is it expected that Torfaen Pride will cost approximately £22,000 to put on. We have set an initial budget for specific areas in which we have built flex into so as to make savings as and when needed. The budget areas are Entertainment, A Safe Event, An Inclusive and Accessible Event, Marketing and Promoting the Event and Other Costs. Broken down, each of these areas cost:

  • Entertainment £8,460
  • A Safe Event £10,423
  • An Inclusive and Accessible Event £1,000
  • Marketing and Promoting the Event £120
  • Other Costs £2,000

To simplify our sponsorship packages, we have created 6 unique packages aligned to the colour of the Rainbow Flag:


Sponsor Branding and link on Torfaen Pride website Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social media announcement of sponsor plus any supplied appropriate content Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Announcements made from the main stage Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Banners displayed on site near main stage Yes Yes Yes      
Press Release announcing sponsor Yes Yes Yes      
Slot to speak on main stage Yes Yes        
Access to official Torfaen Pride photos after the event Yes Yes        
2 x Branded fence panels by main stage Yes Yes        
Exhibition space in the Torfaen Pride marketplace Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exclusivity on site Naming of Main Stage: all stage branding will feature the name and logo of sponsor and referenced in all press and social media activities  Naming of choice of area (Marketplace, community village, parade, volunteers) and area branding will feature the name and logo of sponsor and references in all press and social media activities        
Rainbow Pride Flag Symbolism 'Life' 'Healing' 'Sunshine' 'Nature' 'Serenity' 'Spirit'
Suggested sponsorship amount £5,000 £4,500 £4,000 £3,000 £2,000 £1,000

Please note the prices quoted here are a guide and are open to reasonable negotiation.

We are open to identifying opportunities for companies and supporters to be creative and interactive in their promotion and involvement and are committed to keeping our packages as flexible as possible depending on your organisations priorities and objectives. For example, these could include website sponsor, the sponsorship of an act, sponsorship of a branded fence panel (minimum of 2), sponsorship of storage or a rainbow sponsor to cover flags and bunting at the park and across Pontypool. All sponsors will have there banner displayed in a prominent location around the site on the day (banners to be provided).