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Celebrating Diversity in Torfaen

Welcome to Torfaen Pride!

Proudly brought to you by LGBT+ charity, Club F.O.D, Torfaen will bring the LGBT+ residents of Torfaen together to celebrate the diversity that exists within the borough.

Our first event is set to take place at the prestigious Pontypool Park on 1st June 2024.

Torfaen Pride will be community led and community driven to ensure that the event is politically neutral. After all, Pride is still a protest.  Whilst Pride is a reason to come together in solidarity and celebrate diversity, there continues to be an increase in hate crime, and our trans brothers and sisters are being unfairly used in a culture war: much more progress needs to be achieved. Pride enables our community to speak up and be heard.

For the LGBT+ community, Pride is a celebration of identity, diversity, and inclusion. Sadly, for a variety of reasons, for some people pride can be a lonely experience: for example, there are many that for whatever reasons have to attend alone, there are those with mobility issues and there are those who are challenged by crowded spaces. In some instances, people choose not to attend a pride event because of this. 

For a significant number of the LGBT+ community, an individual’s first pride literally can change their life: it’s empowering and exhilarating to discover that there are people just like you.

Connection and human interaction can save lives and Club F.O.D is driven to make each and every contact count so, just like at any Club F.O.D event and activity, every individual attending Torfaen Pride will be spoken to and reassured that pride day is their day.

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Celebrating Diversity in Torfaen