We believe in transparency and therefore are sharing the costs involved in ensuring that Torfaen is safe and successful event. These figures will change throughout the planning stages as they turn from budgeted to actual costs.




Entertainment (Budget £10,457)

Main Stage, Sound and Lighting  £5,645 (actual) Stage is solar powered and has an 8 hour battery - size appropriate for number of attendees and smaller stage units are available
Acts/performers and expenses £1,657 (actual) Current figure (subject to change) to cover both local and mainstream acts
PRS/PPL £205 (actual) Charity and Community Discount generously applied by PRS/PPL
Backstage (Changing area and refreshments for acts etc) £2950 (actual) Include 4mx8m gazebo, tables, chairs, mirrors, refreshments etc

A Safe Event (Budget £11,648)

Security £3,000 (actual)

Based on 2000 visitors/staff/volunteers and includes 2 x Managers, 1 x Supervisor, 7 SIA LGBTQ+ Officers and 10 Qualified Stewards

Insurances £599 (actual)

Public Liability up to 2,500 attendance - £5M

Radio Communications £365 (actual) 30 x UHF Radios and Business Radio License
Portable Toilets £1,400 (actual) 24 portable toilets and 4 accessible toilets
Site Central HQ / Info Desk (Marquee etc) £1,489 (actual) 6m x 3m gazebo, tables, chairs 
Crowd Control Fencing £1,049 (actual) 26 Barriers to enclose stage area
First Aid Provision £828 (actual) First aid and paramedics
Charges from Torfaen Council £530 (actual) Licenses for using park, personal license, street trading license etc, 4 x TEN's
Miscalaenous costs for Health and safety £1,188 (actual) Purple Guide Subscription, portable generator, Hi Vis Vests, fire extinguishers
Event Waste Management to adhere to new legislation for event organisers £1,200 (actual)  

Marketing and Promoting the Event (Budget £770)

Annual Website Hosting Costs £120 (actual)  
Banners and Signage £650 (estimated)  
Misc £64 (actual)  

Total Budget



We realise that our estimated budget will seem quite high at first glance to those who may not have been involved in organising big events before.  We also realise that some costs are estimated until we can get confirmed quotes.  So how are we going to fund this?

Like any other pride festival, we're reliant on corporate sponsorship, grants, fundraising activity and donations on the day.  There is also income generated by amusement rides, commercial stall holders, as well as food and drinks concessions. 

As we generate funds through sponsorship, grants and donations, we will also share this information here as well.

Income Source

Income Received


Grants £12,433  
Sponsorship £5,050  
Rainbow Lottery £90  
Income from Traders and Fun Fair £2,000  
Donations and Fundraising  £70  

Total Income Recieved to date



As you can see, as of 5th May 2024 we still have £3,296 left to raise.