Torfaen CouncilOn 18th July, Torfaen Council is being presented with a motion by Independent Councillor, Giles Davies, to acknowledge the LGBT+ community in the borough of Torfaen as well as to acknowledge support by the local authority for a pride event in Torfaen.

The motion reads:

This council notes that the LGBTQ+ community is an important part of our society and that it is important to support and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

This council also notes that the LGBTQ+ community has faced significant challenges over the years, including discrimination and prejudice.

This council therefore resolves to support LBGTQ+ Pride events across the borough in their communications including social media channels, highlighting the importance of Pride and why we must continue to support our LGBTQ+ family members, friends, colleagues, and constituents.

This council also resolves to promote equality and diversity in all its forms and to work towards creating a more inclusive society for all.

The motion can be found on the Torfaen Council website.

Jamie Wake


#LGBT Campaigner in #rdg. One of Reading Prides founders. Mr leather UK ‘17, CEO of @clubfod & in drag known as @SuePanover. wine maker & wine drinker